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May 2016

21 - BBA Golf Outing
>click for golf outing info

26 - Board Meeting.......7:30a
June 2016
9 - Year-End Family Picnic
@ Indian Creek Zoo.......6:00p
22 - Bedford Grub Crawl
23 - Board Meeting.......7:30a

25 - BBA Color Run

Promoting the excellent businesses of Bedford Township. The Bedford Business Association is a growing group of over 300 business owners who share knowledge, ideas, and the passion for our Bedford Community.
A Bedford Family
The BBA is a unique organization dedicated to the promotion, improvement, and advancement of econimic growth of Bedford Township, Michigan.
Active participation in BBA activities and utilization of member benefits is an effective way to strengthen business relationships, retain customers, and reach out to new members.
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Last updated February 29th
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