Audit Committee

The Audit Committee will audit receipts and disbursements of the Association and reconcile these with the bank books and other financial records of the Association.

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee will check the financial status of the Association and prepare an annual budget for adoption by the Executive Board. The committee will make quarterly reviews with the Treasurer to see that the budget is in balance.

Building Operations Committee

The Building Operations Committee is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and improvements of the Association’s building and property.  The committee will make recommendations to the Executive Board for any improvements, maintenance, or modifications to the structure and grounds.

Community Action Committee

The Community Action Committee will act as the conduit from the Association to the community. The committee will advise and make recommendation to the Executive Board as to any grants of assistance, scholarships, or otherwise, by the Association to members of the community.

Legislation/Economic Development Committee

The Legislation/Economic Development Committee will keep the members informed on legislative matters affecting the operation of their business. The Committee will inform the members about legislative work of the township, county, state, and federal government and any other organized or unorganized groups that affect the area’s business.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee promotes and publicizes the Association’s functions and events. The committee also develops, maintains, and distributes the directory, website, and newsletter.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee serves to obtain new members and retain existing members. The committee receives and investigates all applications for membership and makes recommendations for approval and/or rejection to the Executive Board. The committee will notify an applicant of acceptance or rejection. In addition, the committee will conduct induction of new members, welcome them at meetings, and introduce them to current members.

Nominations Committee

The Nominating Committee presents nominations for officers and trustees of the Association at the March general meeting, voting will occur in April and installation of officers will be done before June 30.

Program Committee

The Program Committee selects meeting topics, arranges our guest speakers, and chooses the location for our monthly general meetings. The committee will arrange for food, if necessary, and equipment or other aids required for the program.

Trade Fair Committee

The Trade Fair Committee organizes and conducts our annual Trade Fair event showcasing the businesses in Bedford Township.

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