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New Experiences Broaden “The View”

Forest View to host grand opening for new scratch/fresh food kitchen!

Temperance, Michigan, May 8, 2017:  This coming Tuesday, May 9th, 2017, Bedford will be gaining yet another one-of-a-kind attraction. Forest View Recreation Bar & Grill will now be featuring a fresh food experience with their new fully equipped kitchen. This is a whole new concept to the area as bowling entertainment and recreation meets full service restaurant!

Over the past nine months, Forest View has been slowly converting their current menu over to fresh food products. Now, they are going to continue to use their existing menu by fully switching over to scratch production. For the past 50+ years, Forest View only had 2 fryers, a small flattop grill, and a very petite service station. Tuesday will mark a new adventure for the business as they begin using the new equipment provided in the fully equipped kitchen. They will now have endless capabilities as they have upgraded to 6 ovens, 4 fryers, grill top, stove top with 4 burners, large flattop grill, a prep station, and a much larger service station. In addition, in June they will be opening their outdoor cooking experience with a 5-foot outdoor grill featuring a new menu every couple weeks of unique menu items grilled outdoors, while you enjoy their outdoor bar and patio. A truly one-of-a-kind experience in Bedford.

It has been almost a year since starting the new kitchen process. There have been many setbacks but nothing that would stop Forest View from having a real production kitchen. Owner Rich Kenny hired an executive chef two years ago with the promise that he would build a kitchen to meet the chef’s capabilities. Although it took longer than expected, executive chef Dave Harrison has hung in there and is glad that he did.

Chef Dave Harrison came to Forest View with over 17 years of professional management experience under his belt. Dave got his degree from the University of Toledo in Hospitality Management, however, that is not where his heart was. After receiving his degree, Dave shortly came to realize that he truly loved cooking more than anything else. His Mediterranean background and French cooking technique mixed with local and seasonal ingredients from local sources will ensure that Forest View will offer many food and beverage choices that cannot be found elsewhere.

Chef Dave stated “I am most excited to build the new menu and train the new staff. I want to find that diamond in the rough that wants to learn the cuisine!”

Chef Dave and his future full kitchen staff are going to be bringing many new things to Forest View. A limited pizza menu will be started this week and expand as the weeks go on. Desserts will also be starting this week with chocolate and vanilla Crème Brule. Later to come will be cheese cakes, molten lava cakes, homemade milkshakes and much more. Additionally, there will be a new wine and cocktail menu specifically designed to blend with new food items. Made from scratch sauces and condiments will be continuously expanding. To broaden the horizon for its customers, Forest View will also be coming out with gluten free and vegetarian options in the near future!

Forest View’s menu expansion, customizable catering, and full kitchen staff will lead to endless capabilities. It is far from what you would expect from a bowling and volleyball facility. Visit their busy year-round kitchen with fresh food and scratch production environment to check it out for yourself. The new kitchen hours will be Sunday through Tuesday 11am to 11pm and Wednesday through Saturday 11am to 1am.

To learn more, visit or call Rich Kenny at 734-847-4915.


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