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Governor highlights successes and priorities

From Senator Zorn’s office

I attended Gov. Rick Snyder’s 2017 State of the State address with invited guests, Monroe County Circuit Court Judge Mark Braunlich and his wife Cherie. Once again, the governor kicked off the address by talking about what we have achieved and what we need to focus on in 2017.

Gov. Snyder addressed many issues during the 45 minute address. He talked about several of my own priorities which includes:

  • Continuing to provide the tools to the medical field and individuals to fight opioid and heroin addiction;
  • Working toward a smart managed plan to that addresses the state’s infrastructure including roads, water and internet services;
  • Continuing to increase education funding, especially for career and technical education offers the skill sets needed for current and future business and industry jobs;
  • Empowering local schools to be flexible in educating our children and to provide options for students that will provide a pathway to success right here in Michigan; and
  • Meeting the needs of our veterans by providing updated facilities and access to high quality care.

It is still about jobs and educating our students to meet the demands of today’s jobs skills while providing a pathway to a lifetime of high wage employment. Expanding our economy and increasing trade will bring stability to our state and Michigan workers.

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