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Local Business Receives Eagle Trophy

Forest View Recreation Bar & Grill wins Monroe County 2016 Small Business of the Year Award.

Temperance, Michigan, February 28, 2017:  Once a year, the Monroe County Chamber awards a small business with the prestigious Eagle Trophy. Many businesses in the county were nominated and worthy of the award. The 2016 Small Business of the Year Award went to Bedford’s own Forest View Recreation Bar & Grill.

Some of the different criteria that must be met by the nominees are that they must be an independent, for-profit, small business that has been in existence for at least five years. Two major key factors weighed upon in the application are accountability and heavy community involvement. Once turned into the Monroe County Chamber, the applications are sent out to 3 other chambers, two of which are out of state, to give an unbiased vote.

Today, Forest View was honored to not only be nominated for the award, but to also be the recipient. Their huge involvement in community service, ability to overcome business threats, and applied innovation into operation, all had an influence on the judge’s decisions.

“I have worked for Mr. Kenny at Forest View for over a year as the marketing and event manager. This role requires me to work closely with him daily. By doing so, I quickly became aware of how caring and supportive of his community Mr. Kenny was. He goes out of his way to ensure everyone of any ability is welcomed. I can truly and honestly say that Mr. Kenny has helped me become a better person through not only the opportunities that he gives me as his employee, but by also being a great role model as a community player,” expresses Melissa Osborne.

Mr. Kenny has owned Forest View for just over three years now. He has put long hours, sweat, and tears into insuring that not only would he build up his business, but that he would play an enormous role in building up his surrounding communities as well!

To learn more, visit or call Rich Kenny at 734-847-4915.

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